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About "Once Grace Forever"

Shoegazer,Post-rock,Dream-pop band in Tokyo,Japan.

formed by Natsumi Suzuno(Gt&Vo),

                    Lin Wolinski(Ba&Synth)

                    Haruka Takahashi(Dr)

Starting at 2018,

Our worldview is independent.Great FX and roar, soundscape,And it consists of clear female vocals, but sometimes can be a bit violent. They are like contradictory thingsYou may seem, but will soon realize that they are only part of us.

we are working Independent production.

When recording, we  work as players and engineers.Prepare equipment for recording,do everything from creating artworks, editing masters to releases around the world.


Formed and started Once Grace Forever .


Released our self-titled 1st Album"Once Grace Forever" on


Shortly thereafter,released 3tracks EP"♭1" (these songs now included in 1stAlbum) .

Releasing from Bandcamp gave us an opportunity that our contents to spread overseas from Japan.


Started other streaming and download services around the world,including Spotify,iTunes/AppleMusic,YouTube Music and etc.



Released 2nd 3tracks EP”Flower”(songs now included in 2ndAlbum)



Released 2nd Album “Surely all this” with a Teaser Trailer on YouTube .


All for “True DIY musician”

True handmade works.

Please listen to our songs first.

thank you for finding us!

Thanks for your support!


LIVE ticket reservation,Booking,more about us and merchandise.

Let us know your feedback.

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